William Daley isn’t exploring anymore. He’s officially running for governor.  The former U.S. commerce secretary and White House chief of staff announced via a recorded statement on his campaign website that he will seek the Democratic nomination in next year’s election.  “There is no exploratory piece of this anymore," Daley said.
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“The response I’ve gotten from people throughout the state has been very positive, and one of the things I want to bring is a different way and openness to Springfield that hasn’t been there.”  During the 54-second recording, Daley never mentions Gov. Pat Quinn, but says the biggest problem in Illinois is a “lack of leadership.”  When asked about Daley’s bid by reporters Tuesday, Quinn also didn’t mention his new opponent by name, saying the best way he can campaign is continuing his duties as governor.  “Nobody’s built more as governor of our state than I have,” Quinn said.  Daley is so far the only Democratic challenger to Quinn the in 2014 race. His bid marks the first time Daley has run for office.
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