Prices are stable enough, and safety is not a problem, but the partial shutdown of the federal government is having some ramifications for dairy farmers and producers.   “There is a big hole there when it comes to market reports that come from the USDA on a daily basis,” says Jim Fraley, manager of the Illinois Milk Producers’ Association, “so that we can see how much cheese is moving, how much butter is moving, how much powder is moving. This lack of information is leaving a big question mark.”
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The uncertainty of the next round of pricing is another way the shutdown is bad for business, Fraley says.  Don’t tell the cows, who are milked two or three times a day, there’s a shutdown. “You’ve got to do something with that milk,” Fraley says. “It has to move off the farm every day. For sure, milk isn’t a product you can put in a grain bin and store.”
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