The tales of Alton's eerie past are turned into commerce every year around Halloween as entrepreneurs cash in on some of the more historic buildings and cemeteries that paranormal experts say make it a haunted city.  An extra benefit for some this year is having Halloween on a Saturday, although some businesses along Broadway might prefer the holiday on a weeknight.

The theory behind that is due to the parade traffic.  Since thousands of people are downtown for the parade, having it on a night that might not normally be busy helps more than when it is on the weekend.  But Stawar tells The Big Z there are at least two sides to every story.

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Several different tours are available throughout the month of October, ranging from visits to haunted sites to ghost hunting adventures.  The tours are run by independent operators and vary in price, so Stawar recommends doing your research before choosing a tour or ghost hunting adventure.  You can find out more about the different options though the link here: 


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