The carping is under way about the governor’s budget proposal for next year, but this year is still a problem.  The 2015 state budget has 4½ months to go, and Gov. Bruce Rauner says various line items are running out of money.  “The Child Care Assistance Program is out of money, and families are worried about how to care for their children. Court reporters will start missin’ payroll next month, threatening to grind our justice system to a halt, and our state prisons will start missin’ payroll in early April, makin’ them unable to fulfill their most basic operations,” he said.
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He pegs the deficit at $1.6 billion, and says he needs authority to move money from fund to fund, taking money from accounts with surpluses to cover deficits elsewhere. He’s negotiating with lawmakers over how much authority he should get, and he says an agreement is days away – and that resolving this year’s remaining deficit will lighten the cost-cutting load for next year.
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