Scarier than creaks coming from the attic … more terrifying than footsteps behind you in the woods … calling customer service.  The Citizens Utility Board is trying to have fun with its 30th anniversary and Halloween by asking for horror stories of customer service.  “There’s the mom who just wanted to get phone service and instead she lost her heat; the technician took out her thermostat, and it was a long time before she was able to get that repaired,” says CUB spokesman Jim Chilsen.
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Chilsen points out the Comcast customer-service call which went viral illustrates how staying calm is the right thing to do when you are the customer, and how all customer-service reps should just assume they are being recorded; that the whole world is listening.  $25 off your utility bill is the prize for the story chosen at random. You may enter via CUB’s Facebook page:
The deadline is midnight Friday night.
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