It’s hard out here for a down-ballot candidate.  State Rep. Tom Cross (R-Oswego), who is running for treasurer, says he’s not that concerned about the candidates for governor and U.S. senator from either party hurting his chances.  “The fact that I’ve been endorsed by most every newspaper in this state, along with folks like Alexi Giannoulias,” says Cross, “speaks well for our campaign.”  Giannoulias is a Democrat who was treasurer from 2007 to 20011.
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“I think a lot of it depends on turnout,” regardless of which party you favor, “you’re not happy with the condition of this state.”  Meeting with reporters before a speaking engagement in Springfield, Cross turned back an accusation that he has taken money from the Koch brothers, saying his opponent, the 6-foot-8 State Sen. Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign), “may be tall, but he’s short on the truth.”
Republicans have been bombarding our mailboxes with postcards calling the Libertarian candidate for governor, Chad Grimm, a Democratic plant who will do nothing but take votes away from Republican governor nominee Bruce Rauner.  Cross said he doesn’t know anything about it.
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