With Gov. Bruce Rauner taking Springfield-area lawmaker Raymond Poe out of the Illinois House and making him director of agriculture, and – political watchers here suspect – having a hand in appointing Sara Wojcicki Jimenez to replace Poe, perhaps Jimenez will find herself obligated to vote Rauner's way – or to prove she's an independent thinker.

Cheering her on is her old boss, Tom Cross. “There's always that fine line – the responsibility, oftentimes, to be supportive of the governor,” Cross says, especially when, like Jimenez does you are of the same party as the governor. “She's not always going to agree with the governor, and she's won't afraid to tell him!”

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That's only the tip of Cross' praise for the woman who served as his press secretary while he was House minority leader. He says she could go on to Congress or the governor's office herself if she wants to.

The personal side: “She's strong, she's compassionate, she's caring, she's a hard worker, she's one of those people who always remembers the folks who she represents.”


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