Illinois has had so much rain that not even farmers are happy.  Statewide, Illinois got 2.2 inches of rain last week, 1.2 inches more than normal, according to the weekly USDA crop progress and weather report, and it’s not helping corn and soybean growers, says crop statistician Mark Schleusener.
“The basic statement is Rain Makes Grain, but it is definitely possibly to have too much of a good thing. In some isolated reports, I’ve heard of creeks outside of their banks, and when the creek overflows a little bit, if it gets into your field, it’s probably going to wash away the corn that was planted,” he said.
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Soil moisture across the state is considered 76 percent adequate and 22 percent surplus. The wettest areas are in Southern Illinois.
Corn is now 94 percent emerged, up from 87 percent last week. This is slightly ahead of last year and the five-year average. Soybeans are 82 percent planted and 62, compared to 69 percent planted and 38 percent emerged last week. Schleusener says the wet conditions are preventing farmers from spraying, or harvesting hay for livestock.
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