The USDA’s yield forecast predicts a decline from last year’s record numbers for corn and soybeans. 
The monthly crop update forecasts the corn yield to be 172 bushels per acre, down from 200 bushels in 2014. The soybean yield is predicted to decline from 56 bushels to 53.
Mark Schleusener, state statistician for the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, says heavy rain earlier in the year is the reason for the decline, but cautions ideal weather conditions can still boost the yield.

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“Now if conditions turn out hot and dry, we’ll adjust our forecast in our September crop report. On the other hand, we may get optimal conditions and have a nice three-quarters of an inch every six or seven days through August, and that would be wonderful for the soybean crop,” Schleusener said.

If the predicted soybean yield holds, it would be the second highest on record for Illinois.
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