As the year winds to a close, so does the career of Alton Police Chief David Hayes.  He has served the city for three decades, and has accomplished much during his time wearing the Alton uniform.  Whomever his successor may be, will take over his duties and a handful of open murder cases and a missing person case.

There is no statute of limitations on a murder charge.  Alton Police boast a 97% success rate in solving all types of crimes, but in 5 cases, police have either come to an impasse, or have dealt with a lack of witness cooperation, even in cases where they think they know who did it, but cannot prove it.  Alton Police Chief David Hayes says one of those cases in which witnesses are still being urged to break their silence is the case of DaRon Hearn, who was fatally shot outside of the Oakwood Estates public housing complex in April of 2007.  

Hayes comments

Other unsolved cases include that of James Holman, who was killed in July of 2005, Felicia Rexford, who was stabbed to death on the Target parking lot in 1996, and Julianne Gottlob, who was killed in 1986.  Although still technically a missing persons case, Hayes says detectives are still actively working the Bonnie Woodward (pictured) case as well.  Anyone with information on any of these cases can call Alton Police at 463-3505, ext. 225, or the anonymous tip line at 465-5948.  

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