A law enforcement group wants the governor to veto the medical marijuana bill. The Chicago Crime Commission, an independent watchdog on criminal justice issues, says the bill allows patients with certain afflictions 2½ ounces of marijuana every two weeks – enough to supply the illegal market.
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“So if somebody does get into their hands legally prescribed marijuana, and they don’t utilize the full amount that’s allocated to them, there’s the temptation there that they could try to distribute that, make it available to others that would otherwise be prohibited from possessing it,” executive director Joe Ways said.
The organization is also concerned about drivers who are suspected by police of being high. Since the active ingredient of marijuana stays in the blood and hair for up to a month after use, the mere return of a positive test result does not prove that the driver was high at the time of the arrest.
Ways says he’s sympathetic to suffering, but he says the medical community has not endorsed marijuana as a treatment.  Lawmakers last month passed a bill that allows those with various chronic illnesses to possess marijuana for personal use to alleviate their conditions.
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