Phone bill cramming is when a third-party company - a company other than your carrier - slaps a charge on your wireless bill for a service you never ordered or received.  Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation earlier this year to address the practice on landline phones that goes into effect today, but the CItizen's Utility Board says many people are being victimized through their cell phone bills.

So, CUB's Action Network has been set up so you can send a message to the Federal Communications Commission, encouraging tougher rules against cramming.  CUB's Jim Chilsen says if you use certain apps and downloads, you are more likely to be crammed.

Chilsen comments

He says you should be diligent in watching your cell bill, and keep an eye outn for any charges you don't understand or recognize.  You should also beware of online contests or sweepstakes that require filling out online forms.  If a form is required, avoid the risky practice of providing your cellphone number.

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