A Madison County Board committee took no action on a lawsuit filed by the Madison County Treasurer.  The Finance Committee did not vote to join a lawsuit over fees attached to a bond sale, instead asking the State's Attorney to amend the title of the suit that would name Kurt Prenzler's Office as the plaintiff and not Madison County.

Chairman Jack Minner told Prenzler that he had no right to include the county's name on the suit without first asking the full county board.  The problem stems from the purchase of what Prenzler called long-term bonds and the fees that were attached to the purchase.  Prenzler claims the fees were higher than they should have been for a government entity, and wants the county to get some of its money back.  Also in question is how to pay the legal fees being racked up by the county in the suit.  Prenzler wants to pay on a contingency, possibly paying up to one third of what is recovered to the law firm handling the suit.  State's Attorney Tom Gibbons supports paying the firm on an hourly basis as it is currently paid.  For the moment, the money is coming out of the county treasurer's office budget.

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