Madison County residents could see a new fee schedule for services provided by the county if the county board approves a new ordinance.  Earlier this week, the Finance and Government Operations Committee voted to update the county fee structure following the recommendations of a consultant.

The new fees are based on a study conducted for the county by Fiscal Choice Consulting, which looked at the costs associated with doing business with the county.  Most of the fees will go up slightly, a few will come down and a few that had no fee attached to the service will now require a fee.  For example, a marriage or civil union license will increase from $30 to $35, a birth certificate copy will go up from $8 to $12, and a tax deed will go from $5 to $11.  Delinquent tax reports will drop from $250 to $25, and the fee for a money operated electronic machine or jukebox will decrease from $50 to $25.  Serving a warrant previously had no fee and will be set at $84 under the proposed changes.   The full Madison County Board meets Wednesday at 5pm in Edwardsville.


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