In one of the tightest races in recent memory, Bloomington Doctor David Gill beat Matthew Goetten for the Democratic nomination to vie for the the 13th Congressional District. It was a race that was in limbo for some time, in part due to oversized ballots that were delivered to Macoupin County. After talks with the printing company, the Macoupin County Clerk recently announced taxpayers would not "pay a dime" for the bad ballots, or be on the hook for the overtime needed to hand count the ballots.

The agreement will save taxpayers between ten and fifteen thousand dollars. Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan (pictured) says he does not expect a repeat in the November General Election.

Duncan comments

It wasn't until after 4am the morning after the Primary Election that all the ballots had been counted. With the closeness of the congressional race, Duncan says he is pleased to report the recount showed every vote was counted accurately.

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