The Madison County Health Department continues to promote its sexual health awareness programs toward residents of Madison County.  Sexual health can include everything from sexually transmitted diseases to teen pregnancy, and a health educator at the department wants to make sure people of all ages have the information they need to make good choices.



According to statistics from the CDC, nearly two-thirds of births to women younger than age 18 and more than half of those among 18-19 year olds are unintended. Candice Zipfel, Health Educator, says teen pregnancy has affected nearly every high school, but the perception that teen moms are seen as role models isn't always the case.


Zipfel comments Zipfel comments


As for sexually transmitted infections, many can go unrecognized due to a lack of symptoms and undiagnosed due to a lack of testing, so STI prevention is a county-wide effort that begins with education.  For more information log onto the health department's website below or call 692-8954, ext. 2.


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