If you get caught speeding by a Madison County Sheriff's Deputy, it probably won't take as long to get a ticket as it has in the past.  The county has launched its E-Citation program, which is intended to help streamline the whole process, resulting in less time spent for both the deputy and the person getting the ticket.

The safety of both was also a consideration, as it reduces the amount of time spent along the side of the road from around 15 minutes when getting a hand-written citation to about 5 minutes with this computerized version.  It will also notify officers of warrants and stolen vehicles.  The purchase of everything needed to implement the program cost almost $50,000 and was paid for through a fee implemented in 2011 on all tickets that required a court appearance.  Madison County is the only department using the technology right now, but Madison County Clerk Mark Von Nida hopes all agencies in the county using the program by the end of next year.


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