The Madison County Board has voted to allow a man in Mitchell to operate a gun shop from his home. David Price had applied for the special-use permit earlier this year, but the board delayed a decision last month. On Wednesday, members voted 22-5 in favor of allowing the business, with supporters citing the approval of nine other similar permits over the past five years with no problems.

Although Price obtained approval of several of his neighbors, many others objected not to the idea of a home business but the type of business. One neighbor suggested he open in a retail space instead of a home, an idea Price said he most likely will follow up on once he gets his business established. County Board member Helen Hawkins of Granite City voted against the permit, saying her constiuents didn't want it in their neighborhood. Price assured the board he has a solid security system in place, and described the gun business as one of the most highly regulated in the country and didn't expect any problems. River Bend board members Kathy Smith and Michael Holiday, Senior, also voted against the permit.

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