A group of Republican state senators said May 24 it’s time for House Democrats to be adults and get to work.

The spring legislative session ends May 31. State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, R-Okawville,  said if House Speaker Michael Madigan doesn’t allow GOP-supported reforms to get to the House floor in exchange for Republican support for tax increases, things could get ugly.

“If we go another year [without a budget], could you imagine the chaos that we’re going to have in this state if, as I’ve heard he has mentioned before, that we really don’t need a budget until after the election?” Luechtefeld said.

Luechtefeld said this standoff is about power and election votes.

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State Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, said Madigan should either use his Democratic supermajority to pass tax increases, “or he ought to do what the constitution allows, which is to work with the executive branch, a coequal branch of government, so we can remove the paralysis in this state.”

Madigan spokesman Steve Brown said the senators are getting ahead of working groups trying to strike a compromise. “There’s been plenty of compromise over the last year and a half, and we’ll continue to do that where it makes sense.”

Brown said the House is moving on some spending plans.

“We’re trying to pass appropriation bills like we did last year, and if they want to participate, they’re welcome to participate,” Brown said.

Republicans said they are participating by being willing to compromising on tax increases in exchange for reforms to grow the economy.