In early 2008, 29-year old Dorothy Dixon and her unborn child died after what police and prosecutors say were months of torture at the hands of at least five adults and one juvenile. She was repeatedly hit with blunt objects, used for target practice with BBs, burned with a glue gun and burned with scalding liquid. One of the men who pleaded guilty in connection with the death has been released on parole.

According to the Illinois Department of Corrections website, 22-year-old Michael Elliott was being held at the Pickneyville Correctional Center, but was released on Tuesday after serving three years of his 8 year sentence. He is the second adult defendent to be freed- 46-year-old Judy Woods, who pled to aggravated battery, got 18 months.  Earlier this year, 20-year-old Benny Lee Wilson admitted to a single count of murder in the death, and will have to serve 100% of the sentence under state law. 39-year-old Michelle Riley pled guilty to 1st degree murder and was sentenced to a 45-year sentence last year, Riley's 19-year-old daughter Leshelle McBride got 6 years on a second degree murder plea, and Riley's teenage son was sentenced to probation through the juvenile courts.