Organizers of the Convention of the States have to start from the beginning this January, but they said they're not starting from square one.

The Convention of the States (COS), the push to call an Article Five convention driven by the states that could possibly amend the U.S. Constitution without Congress, is dead in Illinois for now.

Illinois legislative liaison Vickie Deppe said lawmakers won't act on the resolution in the fall veto session. COS organizers will have to start again in January.

But Deppe said they're not starting from scratch.

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"We ended the session with 26 co-sponsors, 13 Republicans and 13 Democrats."

Deppe said organizers are trying to get more Democrats on board next year. The focus is just lawmakers.

"The resolution expresses the will of the legislature," Deppe said. "That's all that matters. The governor doesn't have to sign it."

Eight states already have passed a convention resolution, and Deppe said 20 others have plans on file.

Deppe said a state lawmaker will have to re-file the legislation when the new General Assembly starts in January.

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