Saying there is no plan in place by school consolidation supporters, a spokesman for the Save Our Schools group says he's feeling encouraged about the November 8th election.  That is when voters in the East Alton Elementary, Wood River-Hartford Elementary, and East Alton-Wood River High School districts will vote for the third time this decade on whether or not they would like to see all three districts consolidated into one.

Charlie Hoffman says that even though the overall number of votes cast have shown slim margins, it's important to note that if it fails in just one of the three districts, the entire referendum fails.  He tells The Big Z he expects a similar outcome to last year's.

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Proponents of the issue say consolidation will result in the opportunity for curriculum alignment, the ability to combine resources to benefit all students, and a unified administration that will provide uniform policies and leadership.  Opponents say claims of economic benefits are greatly exaggerated, and the benefits are not sustainable.  You can hear interviews with both sides by going to the PODCAST tab at

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