Lt. Gov. Evelyn SanguinettiLieutenant Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti could be the last Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.

A pending bill would let voters dissolve the office starting in 2019. If it’s passed in the next three weeks, it will be on the November ballot. Currently the lieutentant governor would succeed the governor if he left office during his term, but under this bill the attorney general would do so. 

That position is currently filled by Democrat Lisa Madigan, daughter of House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Sanguinetti chairs the state’s task force on government consolidation.

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She supports getting rid of her position. She said in a statement that all consolidation, from local townships to constitutional offices, should be considered. She also recommends merging the comptroller and treasurer’s office, which would save taxpayers nearly $12 million per year.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. David McSweeney, filed a similar measure in 2013 that didn’t pass. His office says the move would save taxpayers about $1 and a half million per year.

Five states do not have a lieutenant governor. 


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