An instrument to reduce the number of local governments in Illinois has enough votes to pass the House.  The bill would allow county boards to dissolve units of government whose trustees are mostly appointed by that county board. The state has about 7,000 units of government.
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“We’ve heard time and time again how difficult it is for local governments to consolidate, to dissolve, to work together,” said a supporter, State Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon). “One of the other things we’ve heard is from the County of DuPage and the success they’ve had with this very law: we’ve heard (of) significant financial savings and a streamlining of government.”  An opponent called the measure “Big Brother.” The proposal is effective only in McHenry and Lake Counties but surely has attention of local officials statewide.  Another whiff of “Big Brother,” opponents say, surrounds a bill regulating the collection of information from your license plate via police cameras. The bill, which passed despite allegations of racial profiling, would allow police to hold the information for up to 30 months, with a provision to keep it longer.
H.B. 229 (consolidation) passed the House, 61-40-4. A motion to reconsider has been tabled, so the bill is not yet going to the Senate.
H.B. 3289 (license plate information) passed the House, 75-24-11.