Illinois is on the hook for nearly $1.5 billion extra in Medicaid costs for newly eligible residents, as the state's Medicaid expansion is far more expensive than anyone expected.  The federal government is picking up almost all of the cost for the young, single, able-bodied, childless men who flooded the state's Medicaid rolls as part of Obamacare. However, that could change at any point, and Illinois is ultimately responsible for the costs, which are going up.

Obamacare-eligible patients were expected to cost $4,300 each, but last month, the federal government increased that to $6,400 each.  Mercatus Center economist Brian Blase said Illinois has 635,000 newly Medicaid-eligible residents.

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The new cost estimate puts Illinois' price tag for newly eligible residents alone at $4 billion, nearly $1.5 billion more than expected.

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