Some Illinois congressmen are weighing in on providing federal aid to those who need it following the tornado in Oklahoma.  After much bickering over federal funds for cleanup following Hurricane Sandy last year, most House Republicans contend there must be offsets for any aid that flows to Oklahoma. U.S. Rep. Randall M. Hultgren (R-Winfield) says offsets or funding will be found. “This is certainly a priority and I think with priorities we ought to be able to find offsets or funding to be able to do that,” Hultgren said.
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Many Oklahoma Republican lawmakers voted against a package for Hurricane Sandy relief, saying it didn’t have offsets and was filled with funding for other projects.  As far as offsets, most Democrats don’t agree that cuts must be made in the budget in order to divert funds for “acts of God.” Still, Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Western Springs) says it’s too soon to know how much help Oklahoma will need.
“We have no idea yet how much we’re talking about in Oklahoma, so we’ll see once we get that estimate how the House and the Senate are going to proceed on this, but somehow it will get done,” Lipinski said.  However they reach a decision on funding, both Republicans and Democrats say people in Moore, Okla. will get the funds they need to clean up and rebuild.
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