An Illinois congressman says he’s OK with taxing the rich, and he doesn’t view it as punishing success. U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (D-Naperville), who was a success in the stage and theater lighting business before he went into physics and then politics, was asked about the vilification of self-made millionaires. He says they all depended on something funded by taxes, whether it was schools for themselves or transportation systems for their business.
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“I don’t believe in vilification, but I also have trouble with people who have made it themselves and ignore all of the infrastructure on which their success has depended, and are unwilling to contribute a healthy fraction of their success back to giving a hand up to others,” he said.
He also says there’s a divide in this country over how much economic security society owes to those whose lives don’t turn out well; he falls on the side of a certain level of dignity, especially for the elderly.
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