The Iraq war is now history. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta officially marked the end of U.S. military operations with a quiet ceremony in Baghdad Thursday. Panetta told American troops they have done everything their nation asked them to do and more. Local Congressman Jerry Costello is among the many pleased to see this war come to an end

In a television interview, Senator and former Presidential Candidate John McCain stated does not agree with U.S. troops pulling out of Iraq, saying peace is at risk because we are not leaving any residual troops to help out. That's an argument the Belleville Democrat does not buy.


Costello comments

A ceremony was held to lower the flag of U.S. Forces-Iraq. It was placed in a case during the ceremony that marks the official end of the mission. Speaking in Baghdad, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says U.S. troops are leaving Iraq free from tyranny. He says Iraq has come a long way since the darkest days of the war. Panetta adds the vision of self-determination for Iraq has become a reality.