The hold-up over the farm bill is not about farming, says U. S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria). “There shouldn’t be automatic enrollment for food stamps,” Schock told reporters before addressing students at a high school near Springfield. “Just because you’re on LIHEAP in Illinois, as it currently exists, you automatically are enrolled in food stamps. We think you should prove income and asset verification, and then you should get your food stamps.”
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Schock says Congress will work something out after the election, adding there’s never a perfect bill.  Also, Schock says the presidential race in Illinois may be closer than many believe, despite the fact an incumbent – and favorite son, yet – is on the ballot.  “There’s recent polling that shows Governor Romney besting President Obama in the collar counties and Downstate,” Schock says.  “People are fired up on both President Obama and Governor Romney’s teams.”
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