An Illinois congressman is taking aim at “junk guns.”   U.S. Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Chicago) says imported guns have to meet safety standards that domestic guns don’t have to meet. He is introducing legislation to require domestic guns to meet those same standards.
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“When we regulate standards for cars and cribs and a whole host of products to ensure they are safe for public consumption, how does it make sense that we do not have basic safety standards for dangerous handguns made right here in America?” he said.  Gutierrez says the sub-standard, so-called “junk guns” are dangerous to operate, due to frequent misfires, and they’re unsuitable for sporting or self-defense purposes, but they are commonly used in crime.
He unveiled his legislation Monday, speaking from the pulpit of a storefront church in Chicago. He says the measure will be introduced in Washington this week.  Gutierrez is particularly concerned that when concealed carry is allowed in Illinois, the demand for handguns will rise, and he doesn’t want unsafe guns on the market.  He characterized as junk guns frequently used in crime the Locin .380 semi-automatic pistol, the Raven Arms .25 semi-automatic, the Jiminez Arms 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, the Jiminez Arms .380 semi-automatic pistol, and the Davis Industries .380 semi-automatic pistol. The Jiminez models were formerly manufactured by a firm called Bryco Arms.
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