The 40-hour work week is what we think of as “full-time employment” – except when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.  Making 30 hours the threshold between part- and full-time work has done nothing, says a small-business organization, but create a workforce of people who work 29 hours a week.  Kim Clarke Maisch, Illinois director of the National Federation of Independent Business, says her constituents are good at getting around whatever rules are thrown in front of them.
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“As with most things, employers will adapt in order to provide their product or their service,” Maisch says. “Unfortunately, what’s happened under the law, is employers have reduced hours worked … falling just short of what they need to comply with Obamacare. And that doesn’t help anybody.”
Maisch says the NFIB is urging Congress to pass a bill restoring the “full-time” work week to 40 hours.
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