If you’re sexually active, using a condom can help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. But a pro-life student group at Bradley University in Peoria says a plan to make condoms available to all students will have the opposite effect.   Kari Lang, co-chair of Bradley Students for Life, says the program, to be paid for out of student health fees, is wrong on several fronts. She says the easy availability of condoms, in packs of 10 at residence halls, will promote sex, which will lead to more diseases, more pregnancies, and more abortions.


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She adds condoms “go against many Jewish, Muslim, and Christian organizations’ religious beliefs,” and also that it’s inappropriate that required student fees will support the program.  The student body president, Tricia Anklan, says the student Senate vote was 30-2 in favor of the program. She adds, “The thing is, Bradley is not a religious institution, and when you join an institution like this, you, I guess, join something that’s a little bit bigger than just yourself.”  Lang’s student group has the support of Central Illinois Right to Life.  Anklan, surprised by the backlash, says Bradley’s program, set to begin after the New Year, is no different from condom programs at both public and private universities.


(Illinois Radio Network)