Repairs to Godfrey’s Hiway House motel are not progressing to the village’s liking, so by a 4-2 vote the Village Board has decided to begin the condemnation process.  According to a memo from the Building & Zoning Administrator some of the fire safety items have been addressed, but there is still a significant electrical issue.

The village directed the occupants of the motel to evacuate in early May due to what was deemed to be unsafe conditions.  Mayor Mike McCormick tells The Big Z they still hope the owners can bring the building up to code, as the legal process to condemn a property can take up to a year. 

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He says the village will explain to the owners why they are moving ahead with the condemnation, and express that the village would like to see them reopen.  Voting against the condemnation were Trustees Mark Stewart and Joe Springman.


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