It looks as if 2013 will be the year Illinois tries to pass a concealed-carry law. That’s because a federal appeals court ordered the state to do so.  What sort of restrictions should go into a reasonable bill?  “Common sense measures,” says Colleen Daley, executive director of Illinois Coalition against Handgun Violence. “Everything from a lost-and-stolen reporting requirement … to universal background checks.”
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Lee Goodman of Northbrook is part of a newly-organized group called the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition. His focus is on persuading the Illinois attorney general to pursue appeals.  He says Illinois has it right as is and is not impressed by the fact the other 49 states have some form of carry law.  “Most states didn’t have concealed-carry just a few years ago. This is a very modern phenomenon, and it has been extensively studied,” says Goodman.   “In most states that have concealed-carry, the rate of violence by guns has increased since they passed those laws, so they were better off without it, and we want to stay without it.”
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