Concealed carry is the law now in Illinois – so when can you start doing it? It’ll probably take the State Police nine months to set up the permit application process, says the NRA Illinois lobbyist Todd Vandermyde. But if a federal court enjoins the state from enforcing the previous law against concealed carry in the meantime, it would be tricky, he says, with respect to what prosecutors should do with concealed carriers who lack permits but are otherwise law-abiding.


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“So we’re waiting to see if the federal courts do in fact issue those injunctions, and that will give rise to a series of questions about what happens between now and when the State Police get the system up and running,” he said.

Vandermyde says those who want to carry concealed weapons should wait until these legalities are sorted out, but he says they can get going on some of their required training, so they’ll be ready when the day comes.

Also, the law already provides for the transportation of weapons under state law. Before this law took effect, some cities had weapons transportation ordinances that differed from state law, and violators could face fines or vehicle impoundment.  Now, if an individual is in compliance with state law regarding transportation of firearms, he is legal.

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