It'll be months before you can legally pack a firearm, but Illinois State Police director Hiram Grau says his people anticipated the need to prepare for a concealed-carry law a long time ago.

“We're way ahead of the game,” Grau says. “We created a committee when we heard it was going to start going into play. We'll be ready. There are several steps we have to take, but we're taking those steps.”


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The Illinois General Assembly passed a concealed-carry bill two months ago; it took effect July 9 when the overrode the governor’s amendatory veto.

The State Police will be ready to certify instructors and courses by Sept. 7 and take applications in Jan. 5, 2014, for concealed-carry. The law carries a $150 fee for a five-year permit and a 16-hour training requirement.

There's a “concealed-carry FAQ” page on the State Police web site.

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