Illinois lawmakers may bring up the concealed carry measure again before the end of the year. State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) says he may call a proposal to legalize concealed carry in Illinois when lawmakers return to Springfield. He would like to add it to the agenda when the legislature considers proposed changes to the state’s pension systems.


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Phelps says he has the votes for a veto-proof majority but wants to wait for the results of the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force before moving forward. He says he hopes the findings will sway undecided lawmakers.

“I have a lot of colleagues in Chicago that want to see it, want to view it,” Phelps says. “That are right on the cusp of voting for this but I think they want something to drive them to vote for it.”

He says he is also waiting for the results of several court challenges to the state’s concealed carry ban. It’s an issue that has been brought before lawmakers for years without success.

Illinois is the only state which does not allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon under any circumstances, though some of the states that allow it are highly restrictive.

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