The Illinois State Police are launching a new website that’s supposed to speed up the application process for a concealed carry license.  According to the state police, the site will help applicants get familiar with the fees, forms, and training requirements for the license ahead of the electronic application becoming available on Jan. 5, 2014.

The police claim this will get applicants through the process more quickly, but Todd Vandermyde, the lobbyist for the National Rifle Association in Illinois, believes it will do the opposite.  “Tell me how it expedites the process when I have to submit everything electronically and then I have to run out and get that same document notarized and mail it in in a hard copy,” Vandermyde said.

Vandermyde says he’s already heard complaints that the electronic signature required for applicants doesn’t work on some internet browsers.  He wants the Illinois State Police to accept paper-only applications.


State Police declined to comment on their new website.


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