The concealed-carry permit applications will be available on paper, after all.  The state has reversed itself. State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) says a legislative rule-making panel has agreed that the State Police should accept applications on paper; it was earlier announced only online applications would be accepted.  “We just want to be fair to everybody,” says Phelps. “That's all this is about – whether they have the Internet or not, if they just want to do it on paper, they should be able to give that choice.”
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Phelps, the sponsor of much gun-rights legislation in Springfield, represents a largely rural area of Southern Illinois. However, he says he has gotten calls from all Downstate area codes concerned about this.  He adds the State Police are doing a soft launch of the application web site by having concealed-carry instructors go through it and get their own permits before they teach others. Phelps says the idea is to avoid what Phelps called “a travesty like Obamacare, and have the system just go out.”
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