Law abiding residents of Madison County are now allowed to carry a concealed weapon, provided they follow a set of guidelines put in place by the State's Attorney's Office.  Tom Gibbons issued a statement and a set of rules on Thursday meant to cover residents of the county until the state of Illinois passes and signs a concealed carry law that has been ordered by a U.S. Court of Appeals.

Gibbons says this set of rules will only govern Madison County, and was put in place after speaking to local law enforcement over the past few months:

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Gibbons believes at some point in the near future the governor will either sign the bill that's on his desk concerning conceal carry, or he will veto it and lawmakers will then go to a veto session.  Either way, according to Gibbons, this opinion will allow law abiding citizens of Madison County to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms until the state establishes its rules.  The guidelines from the State's Attorney's Office are listed below.

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