She may have been the pick of Governor Bruce Rauner, but Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger says he may share some blame in the state budget impasse.

Munger -- like Rauner -- says legislators shoulder blame for passing a budget $4 billion in the hole.  But, Munger says Rauner and Democrats both have something to do.

"I understand that there's a lot of negotiation that has to take place across both sides -- the Governor and the General Assembly," says Munger.  "You at least have to come to the table, I think, and focus on the goal at hand and not all the political posturing."

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Munger says the public needs to keep putting pressure on their local lawmakers during what she calls a "historic time" in Illinois.

Munger says she still have to look into what it would mean for lawmakers to give back pay increase they received prior to taking a vote to rescinding them.  Some lawmakers either refused pay altogether during these continuous sessions, or refused pay raises prior to the House and Senate votes to nix a two-percent cost of living adjustment and freezes on per diem pay and mileage reimbursements. As for those who haven't...

"We will call those back," says Munger.  "They did not pass the offset to it before we had to send out the payroll.  Some of those lawmakers actually sent checks back or donated that money to charity.  But now that they passed it, we'll pull it out and get it back."

As for what happens since some of that money did go to charity, Munger says she'll look into it.


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