When Leslie Munger tours Illinois, she tells the story of the six zeroes.
The state comptroller's business career, she says, included doubling sales of Suave hair care products. While the state's fiscal difficulties may not wash away as easily as stubborn dandruff, she has a way of bringing the story home – by taking six zeroes away from each number.
“You look in your check register, you have $100 in your bank account, and you have $7000 in bills on your kicthen table, and you know you have $2000 in bills coming into your mailbox.”
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The pension liability, Munger says, would be a credit card with a $100,000 balance.
Munger echoes Gov. Rauner's statements that once Illinois becomes seen as a more favorable place to do business, the tax base will grow – just like her employer's shampoo business did.
She would not commit to a specific mix of increased revenue and decreased programs, other than to say an income tax of more than five percent is too high.
Munger, speaking to a Republican luncheon in Springfield, is on the ballot for a special election one year from now.
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