With lawmakers failing to act on pension reform and Gov. Pat Quinn vetoing gambling expansion legislation, can a compromise be reached?  Quinn says there is much to do when lawmakers make their way to Springfield this fall, but won’t directly say if he will use gambling legislation as leverage to get public pension reform.
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“I think there will be a lot of issues, particularly after the election, that we can all discuss and I would hope we can resolve everything,” Quinn said. “This whole issue of gaming, the issue of pension reform, getting a better budget. I want to get more money for the Department of Children and Family Services so we take care of neglected and abused children. I think the legislature’s budget for that was woefully short.”
Quinn still believes that pension reform is the top priority for lawmakers. “The legislature would be well advised to focus on public pension reform,” Quinn said as he echoed comments made by him to the General Assembly in his veto action. “You could have a casino on every street corner and it still would not deal with the $83 billion liability our state has because of the pension issue.”
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