If you've never composted, you might remember it as something you heard about during the “ecology” boom of the 1970's. But, unlike Woodsy Owl, environmental thinking is back and better than ever, says a composter who is a member of the Illinois General Assembly.  The measure recently signed into law calls for state agencies to work with the federal government to write up uniform labeling standards for compostable materials. This would also apply to the receptacle; that is, the third bin in a “three-bin system”: trash, recyclables, and compostables.


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“Right now in the state we have a very recognizable recycle logo,” says the House sponsor, State Rep. Sam Yingling (D-Grayslake). “That is often the 'chasing arrows' in a triangular formation. This would have the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity support the development of a similar logo but for compostable materials.”

Yingling says what he's talking about is generally food waste which he returns to the land – composting into his garden at home.


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