Legislators in Springfield want to make sure Illinois’ community college administrators can’t take advantage of taxpayer dollars.

Ex-College of DuPage President Robert Breuder and his friends spent taxpayer dollars on non-compete contracts and nearly $190,000 at the high-end campus restaurant. This legislation would prevent offenses like that. If passed, the bill would require special audits every five years, more training for school board members, and would keep presidents from inflating their pensions.

State Sen. Bill Cunningham says school boards need to recognize abuses of taxpayer dollars.

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“One community college got it bad. Did things bad. Got it wrong. I think this bill will help ensure that that doesn’t happen in the future at other community colleges,” he said.

State Sen. Dale Righter opposes the reforms, saying that this punishes other schools for something they didn’t do.

“We are going to layer on requirement after requirement after requirement and we’re going to do that because of the conduct of largely one institution in this state,” Righter said.

Despite Righter’s opposition, the bills now head to the House for consideration.


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