The Common Core is coming along, says Illinois State Board of Education spokeswoman Mary Fergus.  One of the goals of the heightened learning standards, she says, is college readiness. “We’ve seen some indication that in higher education, they want the students to be better prepared – not just to get into college, but to thrive once they get there,” Fergus says. “We want to see fewer students having to take remedial classes when they get to college.”
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The implementation of the Core, Fergus says, continues, with other goals being consistency across state lines – if you move, she says, your family’s new school district may have the same standards.  How will the new standards be evaluated?  Teachers, Fergus says, “can tell a kind of quick, kind of immediate story now, but – at the state level – it’s going to take some time.”
Another manifestation, Fergus says, will be standardized tests next year that require students to show their work and to explain their answers, not just do a multiple-choice exam.
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