Some of Illinois’ undocumented immigrants are planning to “come out of the shadows” this weekend.   They’re frustrated that Congress has taken no steps to allow them to get legal status, even though many of those who plan to declare themselves on Saturday were brought here with their parents as children.  They have no other country to go home to, and there’s no provision to adjust their status here.


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Alaa Nukahhal, a native of Kuwait and a citizen of Jordan, says coming out is a step toward advocacy. “What’s the next step? You realize you start making the next steps: Organizing, doing presentations, talking to legislators, pushing for policies, or going as far as civil disobedience,” she said.   But there is a risk, says Mexico native Tania Unzuetta. “The fact is that we are undocumented in this country, and that the federal government could technically say at any point, ‘we don’t want you here anymore,’ and prioritize the enforcement our way if they want to,” she said.   Saturday will be Illinois’ third Coming Out of the Shadows Day.


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