This is the time of year the college freshmen can run in to trouble.  For students new at college, managing their time and keeping up in their classes can be a challenge, and this is when it’s revealed, says Nathan Thomas, interim vice president for student affairs at Bradley University in Peoria.  “Usually around that first test time, the first four weeks or so, we begin to see some students that maybe will hit the panic button and realize that they haven’t put in the preparation in the first four weeks, but fortunately, a lot of them realize it pretty early on, where there’s enough time to kind of catch up,” he said.
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Thomas says in addition to their studies, freshmen must learn discipline with respect to their eating, sleeping and exercising habits and their social lives – a lot to learn in a short time.  Robin Kaler, a spokeswoman for the University of Illinois, says schools make help available for students who have trouble, but the students don’t always know it, so it’s an effort for student affairs offices to identify problems and get the message directly to those students who need help.
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