Lewis & Clark Community College has been a leader in sustainability programs over the years, and is hosting an event Friday at the N.O. Nelson Campus in Edwardsville on using native plants in your landscaping efforts.  The seminar proved to be so popular it sold out, and the college is now putting together a waiting list in case someone who has RSVP's cancels. To get on the list, call 468-2782.

That's just the latest in a series of green initiatives the college has taken on in recent years.  Another is a project to add a bioswale to their parking lot to help slow down and filter storm water as it runs off into the watershed.  Nate Keener, of Lewis and Clark's Sustainability department, tells The Big Z a bioswale filters storm water.

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Bioswales consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides and filled with vegetation, compost and sometimes riprap.  The water's flow path, along with the wide and shallow ditch, is designed to maximize the time water spends in the swale, which aids the trapping of pollutants and silt.


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