An environmental group wants Congress to back away from its plan to deregulate coal ash recycling.  Jeff Stant of the Environmental Integrity Project says water at seven Illinois sites near coal power plants has high levels of dangerous chemical leaking from coal ash dump sites.

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“We have complained again and again and again about the noise, dust and pollution from trucks dumping coal ash near us while we become more stressed, or sick, and the value of our property plummets with no response from our states,” says Stant, reading from a letter sent to Congress. “Do our lives matter to you?”  Stant was joined via conference call by several residents who live near coal ash sites who complained of health problems and a deteriorating quality of life.  Coal ash ponds near the following sites in Illinois, according to the Environmental Integrity Project, have groundwater contaminated by arsenic or other toxic metals beyond the allowable level:

  • Dallman Power Station, Springfield
  • Joliet Station, Joliet
  • Joppa Plant, Joppa
  • Meredosia Power Station, Meredosia
  • Pearl Station, Pike County
  • Powerton Station, Pekin
  • Waukegan Station, Waukegan


(Illinois Radio Network)